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Under Florida law, It is basic and established law that a parent is not liable for the tort of a minor child simply because of paternity. But there are four broadly defined exceptions where a parent may incur liability: 1) where the parent entrusts the child with an instrumentality because of the child’s age, judgment or experience might become a source of danger to others; 2) where the child committing the tort is acting as the servant or agent of his parents; 3) where the parent consents, directs or sanctions the wrongdoing; and 4) where the parent fails to exercise control over the minor child although the parent knows or with due care should know injury is possible.
Florida Statute §768.0415 creates a separate cause of action for children whose parents suffer significant injuries that result in permanent total disabilities. Children may recover for their loss of consortium. Florida Statute §768.0415, entitled “Liability for Injury to Parent”, provides: A person who, through negligence, causes significant permanent injury to the natural or adoptive parent of an unmarried dependent resulting in a permanent total disability shall be liable to the dependent for damages, including damages for permanent loss of services, comfort, companionship, and society. Atty. Joe McIntyre www.FloridaInjuryLawyer.com
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